The Black Hills

There is something here for everyone from fishing to climbing to caving to mountain biking to the largest bison herd in America. To help you in planning that family vacation to accompany your trip to the Black Hills Cruiser Classic, try the following Web links:

Mount Rushmore

Black Hills National Forest

Looking to do some OHV camping while your in the Black Hills? For information visit the BKNF page on OHV Riding and Camping.

Looking for information on hunting, fishing or state parks in South Dakota? Visit the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks website for information, to purchase a license or make a camping reservation.

More Info on the Black Hills

To obtain a free South Dakota Vacation Guide, call 1-800-SDAKOTA (1-800-732-5682)

7 thoughts on “The Black Hills

  1. On our website click on the Black Hills Cruiser Classic tab. If you scroll to the bottom I have a link “buy online”. Click that and you’ll get to the permits and maps. Those are the only approved trails. Our state in recent years has gone to this so these are the only available trails. Sorry we’ll miss you but come for our event next year!

  2. Damn. We will be leaving rapid city area on the 14th to head back to the cabin. Really appreciate your help and invite but unless your riding on the morning of the 14th we’re gonna miss it. At any rate we will just have to ad-lib it and try some novice trails. I found lost gulch via the web and will prolly try that. Also heard of the badlands boogie as a novice trail but can locate it anywhere. Any ideas or thoughts on your behalf would be greatly appreciated. Does the DNR have any available maps and u also mentioned needing permits? How and where do i get one those? Sorry for any inconvenience.


  3. Ah, I see. We have our big yearly event in July but the weekend of June 14 we will be running the trails in preparation if that works in your schedule. If not the forest service has maps available of the trails. Remember you do need a permit now to offroad in the Black Hills.

    Let me know,

  4. Thanks for the quick response but we are only in the black hills for one week each year. From iowa and Got a cabin and fish the northeastern lakes for a week n do the black hill area for a week. Never really off roaded but a nasty motorcycle wreck leads me looking for another hobby. Will be in sd the two middle weeks of jun so if you have a rally or get together of some sort we would love to come try it all out.

    Thanx again.

  5. New to off roading. Only used my fj for hunting and on home property. 54 acres of hilly timber. On my second fj. Stock 2013 tt. Looking for fun trails for family in blacks hills area. Not vehicle damaging but still would like to use low and locker on occasion.


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