About Our Club

The Dakota Territory Cruisers are a special group of Dakota Territory Cruisers
four wheel drive enthusiasts who enjoy responsible four-wheeling and whom own Toyota four wheel drive vehicles. Land Cruisers, Pickups, and 4-Runners. We hold club meetings, trail rides, and do special community service projects and activities related to our four-wheeling hobby. Our biggest event is the Black Hills Cruiser Classic, which we host each July. The Classic is a family four wheeling extravaganza at its finest.

The Dakota Territory Cruisers do just about anything that can involve a four wheel drive vehicle. Among other things, we trail ride and camp; have meetings with programs related to four wheeling; we visit ghost towns and old mines; and we do community work projects. We promote responsible family four wheeling. We keep in touch with U.S. Forest service on issues affecting four wheeling in the Black Hills, Badlands, and National Grasslands. We are concerned with road closures, wilderness proposals, forest management plans, and other issues that could impact four wheeling.

Our General Membership Meetings are held on the Friday before the third Saturday of each month. Depending upon the number of items we have to discuss, the meetings typically last between one and two hours.If you are interested in joining our club contact us or meet up at a meeting to get started!

Trail rides are normally held on the Saturday following the monthly membership meeting. Trail rides leave from a predesignated location. Notice of all meetings, trail rides, work projects, and other special events will be posted on this website.

5 thoughts on “About Our Club

  1. Hey there, new to the area! Is this group still holding monthly meetings and such? We just recently moved from South Carolina and am missing the Toyota Off-Road community! Hopefully we can meet you all, soon, and go on a couple rides!

  2. Most of the trails we run have a bypass route that you can elect to do. You could also hop in with someone for a while to see what you think. If you are interested come join us for a meeting. We have one this Friday!

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