Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUM) and information about the Black Hills National Forest motor vehicle trail system can be accessed at the following link.

Black Hills National Forest Motor Vehicle Use Information

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BHNF Travel Maps – GPS Compatible


Difficulty 1
Passable by stock and 2WD vehicles, improved dirt, gravel, etc.

Difficulty 2
Scenic, touring trail ride; four wheel drive required occasionally; some mud holes or rocks that would stop most other vehicles are traveled easily in 4WD.

Difficulty 3, 3+
For novice and experienced drivers alike; the most fun four wheeling you can expect to have in a stock four wheeler; low range may be required often; vehicle damage is a possibility.

Difficulty 4
Not for beginners; potentially dangerous situations; maximum ground clearance, lowest gears, and minimum tire size of 33 inches required; also lockers, limited slips, winches, and jacks advised due to moderate to large rocks and obstacles; vehicle damage is likely.

Difficulty 4+
Minimum tire size of 33 inches, and one locker required, two recommended; jacks or winches indispensable due to large boulders, steep inclines, etc. Vehicle damage is very likely.

Difficulty 5
Minimum tire size of 33 inches (35 inch recommended); two lockers required (no limited slips); vehicle width not to exceed 79 inches tire-to-tire; jacks or winches indispensable due to large boulders, steep inclines, etc. Vehicle damage is very likely.


Lost Gulch (3)
Lost Gulch is a family friendly trail with some awesome views. The trail explores Bloody Gulch, Divide Road and Pony Gulch. We also visit the ghost towns of Rochford,
Mystic and Myersville which has an abandoned Gold Mine and the standing remains
of what once was the largest residence in town. The trip ends with a tour
through Rochford, where a stop at the Rochford mall is almost a must!

Polo Peak (3)
Polo Peak is a mild trail. Taking a trip to the top of Polo Peak where the view of Spearfish is breathtaking.Making for a fun family friendly trail.

Breakfast Bowl Bypass (3+)
This is a very mild trail that takes the bypass road around Fruity Pebbles and Captain
Crunch.  It is more scenic, with some mild rock crawling spots. A drive up and over Moses Hill on the way back is also included!

Calamity Canyon (3+)
This trail is in a beautiful narrow-walled canyon for most of its length. The trail crosses  Bear Butte Creek numerous times. A major obstacle on the trail is the Boulder Highway,  a 200-yard stretch of large, jumbled rocks. After a leisurely lunch, you work over several minor obstacles and then come fact-to-face with Viper Rock. The rock is so named, not because of the snakes in the area, but due to the shape of the large flat
off-camber rock you have to negotiate. It’s then off to the highway, back
through Deadwood or Galena, and then down to the campground. Note: There is an
optional 4+ obstacle called “The Bump” that is available to locked vehicles if
time permits; check with the trail leaders.

Raspberry Ridge (3+)
Raspberry Ridge is a wonderful 3+ trail with woopies, steep hills, and lots of fun.  We start this trail with the bypass to Jake.  This is a wonderful family friendly trail as every member of the family should enjoy this mildly technical trail.  The raspberries should be perfect for picking!  Bring a baggy along as this trail truly does offer the best in Wild Raspberries.

Dugan’s Prospect (3+/4)
This trail is a beginner rock run with a little bit of everything…rocks, trees and several fun “Glory Holes” which will make for a very interesting experience. The trail is divided into halves with a short run through the trees separating the two halves. The trail then drops down into the Gauntlet. Once we get through the Gauntlet, we’ll make a big turn and let the rocks have one more shot at our rigs as we climb back up…a great photo opportunity. Then back out to the highway and home to camp. We rate it a 3+/4 because a stock vehicle can do it, but it is a little more advanced

Iceman (4)
Iceman is rated a 4+ this year because, for the first time at our event we get to run it both ways!!!  Iceman is on the top of our must do trails, it can be run by stock vehicles but with serious reservations. This trail departs early since we have a little farther to go than most of the trails. It  begins with the good stuff, rocks that move and off-camber obstacles thrown in that require you to pick your line carefully. Zig Zag falls will test you and your vehicle. The Hitch Hole will determine your approach and departure angles and the Rock Jams will reach out and bite your transfer case. When you get to Jason’s Rock you have reached the end and it is time to do it all over again. This trail is for lifted and locked vehicles. This trail is rock crawling at it’s best.

Jake (4/4+)
This is a technical rock crawling trail that is relentless…it just doesn’t let up. It starts the instant you drop into the drainage and is rock after rock until you climb out after Pinion Falls or go on to Big Bertha. Along the way you will have to negotiate a maze of rock uncovered by rains and spring thaws with an occasional water fall thrown in just to keep
things interesting. Body damage is possible, but can be avoided with careful
lines. Don’t let this trail’s length fool you. Although the trail is only a half
mile long, don’t plan on getting back to the campground early.

Full Size (4/5)
This is a trail where full size/long wheelbase rigs can do some serious rock crawling. The first section starts down a steep hill into an obstacle with a five-foot wall that is as difficult as any. Eventually you will meet up with the Rock Pile. With three-foot boulders and holes on either side, be alert for the possibility of rocker panel or rear quarter panel damage. Depending upon the weather, the next obstacle could be a winch-only waterfall if it is wet. The trail also has a boulder pile and several off-camber spots that can catch you by surprise. The last section is short and fairly easy and then it’s back to the campground.

Flat Nasty (5)
Flat Nasty matches it’s name pretty good, you don’t climb much, but it is NASTY.  Many have attempted to run this trail and lived to regret it, It is spectator and camera friendly.  We highly recommend only seasoned wheelers attempt this.  Breakage is not a
requirement, but it is a real possibility

Kong (5)
Kong is not for the timid or faint of heart. It’s a monster trail of gorilla
proportions with gigantic rocks, off-camber climbs, uphill narrow traverses and
skidplate dragging breakovers …it is technically very difficult to say the
least. Kong is not kind to longer wheelbase vehicles. The trail is only 1/4 mile
long, but it is a tough grueling day to make it up this trail…and up is what
you do. The trail climbs from start until you finish. This trail is only for the
highly experienced driver and superbly equipped vehicle. There are no bypasses
on any of Kong’s obstacles and there is no place to turn around.

T-back/Bikini (5)
T-Back and Bikini are a couple of little trails often described as hanging on the edge of a cliff with big stuff to climb over.  It is not that scary but it is definitely not for the faint of heart.  These trails offer a view of Mt Rushmore found nowhere else on earth, they are an obstacle course to say the least, winding your way back and forth over the rocks.  They are camera friendly, so don’t forget yours.  We have a special permit to run
this trail only for our event as it is in a fire closure area from the 2002 Battlecreek fire which started one week after the 2002 BHCC.

Fruity Pebbles (5/5+)
Fruity Pebbles is one of the newer trails to the Black Hills Cruiser Classic. The participants of the BHCC were the first ever to have a permit on this virgin trail. Fruity Pebbles starts out slow and grows from there.  The obstacles are many and this trail keeps giving challenge after challenge.Take your extra parts and be ready for body damage, but don’t worry it is not inevitable. This trail is recommended only for the seasoned wheeler.

Hal Johns (5+)
Three words describe this trail…rocks, rocks, rocks!! This trail is solid rock
crawling from start to finish. This trail has a unique feature…there is an
observation trial that runs the entire length of the creek. It can be used as a
bypass or for people who just want to watch the fun. To run the rocks, each
vehicle must have two lockers (no limited slips), a winch and a minimum tire
size of 33 inches. You will most probably take body damage…if you attempt
obstacles such as the waterfall and skyscraper…with the extent depending upon
driving skill and vehicle combination. Be prepared for extreme rock crawling and
some of the best times South Dakota has to offer.  Spotters can be very helpful
on this extremely difficult trail.

Captain Crunch (5++)
If you’re not a buggy, and you don’t want body damage, steer clear of this trail, It matches it’s name to perfection.  It is Wild not mild!!!

5 thoughts on “Trails

  1. Hello, I’m coming out for the Classic with ith my motorcycle, decided to bring my built 89 4Runner as I have read about wheelin in Black Hills forever. I was the trail leader for Day 1 of Peterson’s Ultimate Adventure 2018 at Rocky Mountain Terrain Park in Carthage Maine. I want to keep the Ultimate Adventure going with some serious wheeling in the Black Hills. Any information you can pass along would be really appreciated. I’m looking to be trailriding after bikeweek, 13th on. I would hang around for the Challenge but I have my dog with me…
    Thanks for any help, maybe someone in the club might like to wheel for a day and show an out of towner the good stuff!
    Todd Seavey
    413 834 2305

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